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Trump retweets then deletes post calling him a fascist

 President Donald Trump on Tuesday shared a Twitter post with his followers that called him a “fascist.” 

Report: Premiums would skyrocket if Trump halts ‘Obamacare’ subsidies

 People buying individual health care policies would face sharply higher premiums, and some may be left with no insurance options if President Donald Trump makes good on his threat to stop "Obamacare" payments to insurers, congressional experts said Tuesday. 

See What Donald Trump's Tweets Look Like as Cartoons

 Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler decided to illustrate those powerful 140-character missives, bringing a critical eye and a sense of humor to Trump's direct-to-the-public messages. 

Donald Trump 'changed mind on Afghanistan after seeing picture of women in miniskirts'

President Donald Trump changed his mind about sending more troops to Afghanistan after a campaign by his national security adviser H.R. McMaster which reportedly included showing the president a photograph of women in miniskirts in Kabul. 

Trump tells Guam threats from North Korea will be great for tourism

President Trump spoke with Guam's Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo (R) Friday to address North Korea's threat to attack the U.S. territory with a missile strike. During the conversation, Calvo said, Trump "assured me that the people of Guam are safe."

US admiral stands ready to obey a Trump nuclear strike order

 The U.S. Pacific Fleet commander said Thursday he would launch a nuclear strike against China next week if President Donald Trump ordered it, and warned against the military ever shifting its allegiance from its commander in chief. 

Trump at 200 days: Declining approval amid widespread mistrust

 Six months into his presidency, Donald Trump's overall approval rating stands at its lowest point in CNN polling, while three-quarters of Americans say they can't trust most of what they hear from the White House. 

How Trump violated a federal rule with an ill-advised tweet

 With everything going on in his life, it isn’t surprising that Trump was excited about the good employment report last Friday. 

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Trump Jr. emails stir new conservative worries about White House

 Some staunch Republican donors and activists are acknowledging for the first time that the inquiry into President Donald Trump's campaign's ties to Russia is making them nervous -- though more about the White House than the party-wide fallout. 

Trump Russia claims: Mood in the White House is 'fantastic'

 President Donald Trump says the mood in the White House is "fantastic" despite intense scrutiny of his campaign's alleged dealings with Russia. 

Trump's lawyers try to control unruly White House

 Donald Trump's legal team is trying to instill discipline on a West Wing not known for its discipline. 

Did Donald Trump Jr. break the law? Two legal experts weigh in

 Donald Trump Jr.’s release of his Russia-related email exchange reignited a legal debate about whether members of the Trump campaign engaged in unlawful activity. Former White House Counsel Bob Bauer and Jed Shugerman of Fordham Law School join Judy Woodruff to offer different perspectives on the legal questions surrounding the controversy. 

Trump May Lift Sanctions on Russia to ‘Give Collaboration’ a ‘Chance’

 Every American intelligence agency believes that Russia tried to subvert our country’s democratic process in 2016. 

Mayors label Trump's net neutrality plans an 'affront to democracy'

 Calling out the White House for policies that would threaten the internet's open architecture and give service providers unfair control of online content and ideas, 45 mayors urge regulators to preserve net neutrality.